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GRL is a leading tire manufacturer with a rich legacy rooted in excellence and innovation. With a primary focus on world-class bicycle tires and tubes, we have recently expanded our horizons into the realm of auto butyl tubes, aiming to cater to the vast segment of the Indian population and contribute to the EV revolution in last-mile connectivity.

Our journey began in the heart of India, where we emerged as a key player in the development of the nascent Indian bicycle industry. Today, GRL stands tall on the global stage, pioneering the development of cutting-edge technologies in our domain. Our state-of-the-art facility spanning almost 15 acres in Ludhiana, Punjab, encompasses three manufacturing units, symbolizing our commitment to quality and innovation.

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Established in 1964 with a vision to cater to the burgeoning Indian bicycle industry, GRL Tires has since been synonymous with durability and reliability.

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